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As House and Senate negotiators worked to reach a deal to avert another partial government shutdown, many proposed packages included provisions to ensure back pay for contractor employees -- however legislators were unable to reach such an agreement. The proposed bills would cover low-income employees . For examples those who work at agencies as security guards, cafeteria workers and janitors as well as some medium-income employees of contracting firms who provide agencies with supplies and services.  Read More

President Donald Trump has nominated Michael Wooten to become the federal government's top acquisition policy officer. If confirmed, Wooten -- a former senior acquisitions adviser at the Federal Student Loan office -- would be the first permanent administrator of the Office of Federal Procurement Policy since Anne Rung, who resigned in September 2016 to take a senior public sector sales post at Amazon.  Read More

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Federal contractors continue to receive stop-work orders, forcing companies who had worked primarily with the federal government to let thousands of employees go, as the longest government shutdown in U.S. history drags on. Early estimates find the shutdown is costing contractors an estimated $1.5 billion per week, as the employees join furloughed workers on the unemployment rolls.  Read More

In his first appearance following the midterm election results, President Trump did not rule out the possibility of a shut-down next month, if certain spending initiatives are not approved. Responding to questioning whether the midterm results had impacted his demand that Congress fund the border wall, and whether a shutdown was likely, Trump said, "I can't commit to that, but it's possible." He added that he was "not necessarily" committed to pursuing a shutdown strategy, but reiterated, "We need money to build the wall, the whole wall, not pieces of it."  Read More

In this critical time of transition for dealmakers and foreign investment, we invite you to join your peers at American Conference Institute’s 5th National Forum on CFIUS & Team Telecom. Gain invaluable insights on repositioning your transaction planning amidst a rapidly evolving landscape. Widely regarded as the premier event for the CFIUS and Team Telecom bar, join government, industry and private practice experts for a worthwhile discussion of the most pressing issues affecting sensitive, high stakes transactions.  Read More

The number of contractors excluded from government work decreased for the third year in a row, with experts citing increased federal experience in targeting bad players. In fiscal 2017, federal agencies issued 3,640 suspensions, debarments, and proposals for debarment -- 14 percent fewer than the 4,249 actions taken in 2016, the report released from the Interagency Suspension and Debarment Committee found.  Read More

Earlier this week, OFCCP new guidance, under the title “What Contractors Can Expect .” The publication coincided with OFCCP Acting Director Craig Leen’s well-received presentation at an industry conference in Anaheim, California.  Read More

In the process of reconciling drafts of the fiscal 2019 National Defense Authorization Act, the conference committee has given contractors hoping to protect their right to file bid protests most of what they had wanted, while also including several provisions that would streamline the Pentagon’s acquisitions.  Read More

According to a recent article by the Washington Post, as the federal work-force shrinks under the current administration, employment has risen amongst contractors in the private sector. “Eighteen months after Donald Trump came to Washington promising to “drain the swamp,” his presidency is proving to be a mixed bag for the regional economy. Far from gutting Washington’s biggest economic asset -- the federal government -- the direction of federal spending under a Republican-controlled Congress is creating winners and losers on different sides of the Potomac.  Read More

The General Services Administration is proposing changes to the way it purchases services. In April the Office of Federal Procurement Policy released a new strategy to use category management to reduce multiple award contracts, and contractors will begin seeing the results soon.  Read More

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